Services We Provide

Shatam is a data mining services company. Shatam serves different data mining markets including analysis and research on data related to the various application. Shatam provides solutions for data processing, data mining, analyzing of data.
Shatam also delivers the Custom Softwares and Website Designing Development and E-Commerce Websites.

What we do

We refer to our Core Values for every business, technical, and hiring decision we make.

Data Mining

Shatam's data mining service is scrapping and mining data from the web and transforming it into a structured database.

Address Corrector

Integrate FixAddress Web Service API into your checkout process to verify customer addresses. The API will correct minor mistakes.

Canada Database

Canada's most comprehensive business records' database or directory for immediate desktop access.

USA Parcel Data is USA’s most authentic destination for a comprehensive land parcel data.

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is the process of extracting structured or non-structured data from different data sources and stored in a user-readable format. Ex: From the Web, Data Warehouse, etc.
What is the process of data mining in Shatam?
We have created tools to extract data from any online sources and stored those extracted data in standard format into our database. Shatam uses advanced data extraction techniques. So, we are able to extract data from static or dynamic sites using different techniques. Shatam has been providing data to the client in different formats like CSV, SQL, JSON, XML, etc. Also, As per as the client requested format. Data mining has attracted a great deal of attention in the information industry and in society as a whole in recent years, due to the wide availability of huge amounts of data and the imminent need for turning such data into useful information and knowledge.
We provide a wide range of web scraping solutions to the clients at most competitive rates. These services are performed by our highly competent personnel’s using the latest techniques to provide highly effective solutions and within the stipulated time period.

What is Canada Business Portal?

Shatam Technologies has designed Canada's most comprehensive business records' database or directory for immediate desktop access. Canada Business Portal as it’s called entails all information vital to finding new import products, new export buyers, low-cost manufacturing and new marketing opportunities for products and services of any business company. We constantly update the database, which is extensively expanding as this platform is accessible and open for all Canadian businesses to register themselves into it. The process of registering a new business in the portal is very simple and swift. This brings huge traffic of new businesses to the portal for registration and addition on a daily basis. The portal has been created to make it easier for the Canadians to find and utilise business contacts, their related information, and services for growing their businesses.
Every record in our Canadian Database has detailed information pertaining to all essential fields like - Industry Sector, Major Sic Category (2 Digit), Sub SIC Category(4 Digit), Product or Service Description, Company Name, Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code. Most of the information of every business record is supplemented with business contact details, viz., Telephone numbers, Fax, Web address, Email, Name of the Contact Person, Designation, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Employees, Latitude/Longitude and the year of inception of the business.

  • Most Comprehensive Database
  • High Quality, Accurate Data
  • Constantly Updated Database
  • Over 2.6 million databases
  • Quality score and Ratings on All Records
  • Unlimited Contact Rights
  • Free Counts and Quotes
  • Zero Subscription Fees
  • Free Personalized Expert Advice
  • Sample Listings Available

The database can be made available in different formats as per the requirement, such as in Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV), SQLite DB, and Tab Separated formats.

The database of Canadian businesses has been streamlined and divided into numerous categories and industry sectors State-wise, which makes the search for specific businesses by browsers easy, fast and extremely helpful. For more details, visit the website

What is Address Correction Tool?

It is a service which is used:

  • To correct phonetics or spelling mistakes (up to 2 char)
  • Validates Input address existence using USPS and TIGER data source
For more details, visit the website

What is Japan classroom?

It is a desktop applicatipon which can be used:

  • Schedule classes, and provide communication between teachers and students
  • Live video lectures, instant messaging, and multiple types of assignments
For more details, visit the website