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Canada Business Portal

The database can be made available in different formats as per the requirement, such as in Excel, Comma Separated Values (CSV), SQLite DB, and Tab Separated formats.

The database of Canadian businesses has been streamlined and divided into numerous categories and industry sectors State-wise, which makes the search for specific businesses by browsers easy, fast and extremely helpful.
For more details, visit the website www.canadabusinessportal.com.

Address Correction Service - Fixaddress

The API of Fixaddress rectifies minor mistakes and prompts customers to fix critical errors and ensure the order is delivered at the validated address. The interface is capable of bulk corrections by fixing spelling mistakes, phonetic mistakes, adding missing zip, and street type. This portal is specifically applicable for US addresses and similar portals for verification of addresses in other countries are underway at Shatam Technologies.

For more details, visit the website www.fixaddress.com.

Machine Learning - Predict Crime in Canada

To lower down the crime rate we have built the Machine learning model which predicts the crime before it has happened and also the type of crime that is going to happen. Our current model is being built for Vancouver city in British Columbia.

For more details, visit the website www.crimeincanada.com.

Machine Learning - Predict Bollywood Movies Success

Using different features our Movie Prediction model can predict upto 80 to 90% correct revenue.

For more details, visit the website www.bollywoodmovieprediction.com.

Machine Learning - Prediction of Mode of Delivery

Our research article.

Matrimony Service - Myprem

Traditional Online Marriage - India's Free Matrimony Service

Japan Classroom

For making online lectures more managable and convenient, we have built an application that can schedule online lectures, store multiple types of assignment for students, instant messaging and much more.